hey, all you cats and kittens ask me stuff

((Smoking is bad for you and you should quit. Or never start. the PSA.))


but vwhere’s the part where i swveep the girl off her feet and savwe the vworld from a horrible monster?

#vwhere’s the 8EEF?

nightshadepoison asked
*a strange looking girl walks up to you and by strange I mean she has violet fox ears and tail* uh hi my name is nightshade and you probably don't know me but I saw you over here and you looked lonely so I was wondering if you wanted any company
Anonymous asked
(For Admin, where did you get your arm socks? They are glorious!)

Thank you kindly!  I made them out of a pair of gray tights.  It’s actually really easy.

There are plenty of tutorials out there, but basically you trace and cut out your hands from cardboard of cardstock, put them in the feet, sew around them (use a sewing machine, it’s stronger and faster), cut between the fingers that you sewed, seal the stitches with nail glue or fabric glue, anti-fray stuff, whatever’s around I guess (go light on the stuff, it’ll probably darken the fabric where you put it on), glue on fake nails (caution!!!!! if you glue them while wearing the socks, be really careful cause you’ll probably glue them to your actual nail.  To avoid this, just put a little glue on, spread it around, then press it down lightly.  If it gets suck, don’t panic, just…try to pull on the sock fabric without ripping it…it worked for me?).  Lastly, cut a hole in the crotch and put the things on like a strange shirt.

That was longer than I anticipated, but still skimpy in detail, so I hope it helped.  Like I said there are lots of nice tutorials out there with pictures; but, my biggest suggestion is to use a sewing machine instead of by hand.

vwhatever.  bite the vweenie, kranki

#there’s irony in keeping something that can kill me betwveen my chomps and choosing to not light it

#besides, vwhy vwaste the thing?

vwell, pre-vwriggling day i’d bet it vwas plain to see my porpoise in life: lovwin’.

na, but havwe you seen the vway that girl vwalks?  anyone’d be a fool to not vwant a piece.

Anonymous asked
For the admin, I'm sure you probably got asked this before but can you see through those contacts?

(Yup!  The only reason I can’t see perfectly well with them is that they’re not prescription.  Other than that, it’s just a little foggy looking, but nothing terrible).

(I bought this pair. Here’s a video of what they’re like up close).

i’m not pickin up vwhat you’re puttin dowvn, but i heard ‘lovwe’.  and i’m interested 

Anonymous asked
What paint do you use? It's so smooth and nice

(If you’re referring to my shirt, I use Avery Iron-on shirt transfers.  If you’re referring to my horns, hah, I don’t even know I grabbed the cheapest acrylic stuff the store offered.  For the troll paint I use snazaroo.  For my arms, I actually wear armsocks).

i had to look her up on the vwater vwide vweb.  i vwas surprised to find out she’s one of those musclethings that horuss is into.  

so you’re telling me that this creature has a thing for humans?  maybe vwe don’t havwe that much in common.  although sometimes i do feel like a sick creature vwho too often is misunderstood.

sugar gills, eh?  i feel a little patronized here.  but thank ya, i appreciate it vwery, vwery, vwery much.

and i’m doing, i’m doing.   just kickin it back and focusing on vwhat matters to me.

#music #hair

you can coitenly hawve a hug.  or twvo if you’re cool vwith that.  i can almost guarantee that my hugs vwill cure all of the bad vwibes you’s feeling right nowv, leijon.